Job's Daughters International of Queensland
Not yet 10 years old?
Our Jobie-2-Bee Program is for you!
The Jobie-2-Bee Program is...
a unique program designed especially for
younger girls who are looking forward to
their membership in Job's Daughters.

If you are not quite old enough to join
Job's Daughters but you still want to
come to our activities and have some fun
with us you can become a Jobie-2-Bee
by contacting our Jobie-2-Bee coordinator, Shannon Burns.
As a Jobie-2-Bee, you will receive a regular newsletter
called "The Bees Knees" which will contain competitions,
fun activities and information on the forthcoming
Job's Daughter and Jobie-2-Bee events that you might
want to come to.

You and your parents are always welcome to attend
these events.

A few times each year, you will be invited
to attend a special party for Jobie-2-Bees
where you will be able to get to know the other
girls and where you will learn about the things
that you will get to do when you become a
Job's Daughter.

Each party will have a different "theme"
such as mermaids, puppies, Hawaiian or

If you have a good idea for a party theme,
let the Jobie-to-Bee coordinator know.

Our Next Jobie-2-Bee Events
Saturday 17th May 2014 ~
Jobie 2 Bee Meeting & Tea Party
More details to come
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